Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dediddo is the minimal sales tool for non-sales people

Dediddo is the minimal sales tool for non-sales people: founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, fundraisers. Easy, obvious organizer for your sales contacts and to-dos. You will have peace of mind while managing your contacts and improve your performance. Perform better on your sales Be organized. Dediddo makes you organized by design. You may be a mess with your personal stuff, but Dediddo makes impossible for you to be disorganized with your sales. Stay updated. Dediddo makes you remember everything. You will look like you have a great memory, creating a personal relationship with the prospect. Be diligent. Dediddo tells you what to do next. Just open it and you will know what to do next, no excuses, no "Let me take some time to organize my contacts" procrastination.


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