Thursday, March 16, 2017

Request photos remotely or take photos for others and get paid.

This is a mobile app used to obtain photos about something or someone at a remote location. This is done by placing a request (geotag) on the map, and someone else (the photographer) local to the request sending the photo back to the requester. The app can be useful in a variety of situations - learning how crowded a particular night club is tonight, learning who is hanging out at a particular place, checking up on state of things at some location. Then, make an educated decision or just ponder the obtained information. The photographer, in turn, can earn cash for his photos. The payments are made via PayPal mobile. The app is for people who for some reason can't appear at a particular place and check out what's there. On the other hand, there could be others who are available at that particular location to take photos, send them and make some cash. The app allows for seamless placement of requests on the map, easy management of them, clean and simple interface and an immediate ability to perform peer-to-peer payment to someone who sent photos from a remote location. The entire "business cycle" can take just minutes, from request placement to receiving the mobile payment. As for future plans, the next biggest step would be a rollout of the iOS version of the app, as well as addition of cool new features, such as timed requests (which disappear automatically), scheduled requests, ability to annotate photos.


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