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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Give your team the power to collaborate and communicate with ease via Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps; a project based system that aids in managing your assignments effortlessly! Its rich features give access to prioritize issue resolution, track the progress and if needed, sends reminders & alerts to manage workflow effortlessly. Those businesses searching for an issue management tool, Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps proves to be a precise solution. The versatile functionalities are well designed to provide users a complete experience of an intuitive interface to keep a track on your business with real time access. Its robust dashboards allow easy access and navigation to have full control and better visibility into project based issues. It is a SaaS based issue management software suite, adds remarkable benefits of knowledge sharing and allows better visibility. A cloud based software, it lets users to record issues, set priorities and perform intelligent searches. The key feature which grounds better results are improved visibility and full control over projects that helps create and complete issue resolution quicker by cloning existing projects and related issues. The fast and easy identification of issues with perfect visual indicators add to its useful aesthetic interface. It also allows to track and resolve the issues on-time with reminders prior to the due date. It performs meticulous & intelligent searches instead of examining within unfathomable data, only to keep a track on your business with real time access to profuse reports. A project oriented issue management tool with high scalability, it is iPhone and iPad friendly. The user stays informed without skipping on to the key events which supports team learning. The free subscription and no cost with minimal IT staff brings in the best advantage for a healthier user supportive SaaS delivery model.


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