Wednesday, June 14, 2017

An analog, acoustic and adjustable hearing solution

Knops is an analog acoustic and adjustable hearing solution. The earplugs look and work like a volume button and have four steps in which you can adjust the volume. With the first step you hear clear sound and then there are three steps that filter 10db, 20db and 30db (indicative). Knops is engineered in such a way that the earplug mimics the natural response of the human ear. One of the things that make Knops unique is the fact they don’t need batteries, they’re fully acoustic. This way you can use them all the time without worrying about charging the earplug. You can enjoy the real sound that isn’t manipulated by electronics and apps. We think it’s time there is a quality analog solution to control volume that can be used in different situations. From festival to exam, city life to working at the office. That’s why we developed Knops, a literal volume button for your ears. We're now on Kickstarter with our product:


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