Spotted Places


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Recommendations from friends, locally and globally

Spotted Places is a travel app that allows you to get recommendations from your friends, both locally as well as globally. You can think of it like TripAdvisor with your social network.   Every person has their own individual tastes and interests and we tend to interact with others that have similar interests to us including friends, family, influencers, or even celebrities. Spotted Places allows you to form a network with people like you and get recommendations that are much higher quality experiences than what you get from strangers on crowdsourced sources and other apps. We tend to need visuals such as maps and photos to effectively plan our travel but existing solutions don’t make effective use of maps. For example, other apps might tell you that a place is 0.5 miles away but provides no sense of direction as to where that is in relation to your hotel or other spots you might also want to experience. Spotted Places is more visual: you can easily see what options you have around you on an easy to read map, and our users upload beautiful photos to their spots. This makes it fun to explore the world from your phone.


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