education startups

Audio summaries of the best books for entrepreneurs


A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurship & Life


A universal iOS app for Tracking Deadlines


A Global Knowledge Hub


Coding,Programming , Kids , Emojis

Textbooks To Bucks

peer-to-peer textbook marketplace for college students

Polly Lingual

Learn languages with people and data-driven lessons

The Commonplace Journal

A Daily Self-Learning Guide

Professor Beekums

Take your first programming lesson in 10 minutes

Bettr Finance

Free college funding with no-fee banking for students.

Class Discovery

Connecting teachers with workshops

The Ultimate Toolkit

The world's first design toolkit against sexual harassment


The Wix of Social Networks

First Aid and Emergency

First Aid and Emergency is an absolutely free social service android app that provides information a


On a Mission to Simplify College Admissions

Skill Silo

Learn a language 1-on-1, via Skype

BRiN - Your Personal Business Advisor

The World's First Business Advisor In Your Pocket


Interactive workbooks for online courses.

Learn languages while watching movies on Netflix, on the go.

Fingerprint For Success

Entrepreneurs: The app that shows you what’s holding you back.

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