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flux flow

UX-Driven Growth Marketing for Startups


Simple tools to bring AR into your business

Lean App Toolkit

Lean Apps Create Winning Startups


Co-create with a crowd


Feedback and Bug Reporting for Websites Made Easy

All-in-one investment management platform for founders and their investors

Mumbai Coworking

Affordable coworking spaces for startups, freelancers

Enchanted Media

Amazing motion graphics videos made easy


Meet PieShell: Kickstarter for Foodies

Giving Great

Bringing Employee Matching to Small Businesses

Cross Promo

Cross.Promo is the first cross promotion tool for online businesses


Pay-On-Performance PR for Startups

Financials OnTap

Virtual workforce platform for finance & accounting talent

Innovators in Residence

Join other previous startup founders to disrupt the cable/media industry.

Transparent Startups

Discover and get inspired by companies that are embracing transparency

Startup Sticker Club

Receive stickers from fresh companies monthly

Seed Sumo

90 day Startup bootcamp

Seed Sumo

Seed Sumo is 90-day Bootcamp for Startups ran by Founders that generate over $300mm in Revenue/Year


Indemand lets anyone create an ondemand business in minutes.

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