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Scoop Markets

Tweetdeck for stock traders to get breaking news 📈

Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin trading simulator with real-time prices

Waze Local Ads

Advertise your local business to drivers using Waze 🚗


ShopStyle for Nerds and Geeks

Boon VR

Immersive virtual reality training with rich interactivity and live tracking


Sales pipeline software for modern collaborative sales teams.


Easiest way to keep your customers in the loop about your product.

Unofficial Tesla Shop

Shop Tesla apparel, gifts and car accessories

Transferslot 2.0

Easily buy and sell side-projects

The Mockup Club

Get the best design mockups for free

VR Sketch

A tool for designers to draw inside virtual reality

Penta “Fly Green” Business Card

A free and beautiful business bank account

Startup Logo Archive

The original logos your favourite startups launched with

Housing Anywhere

The international student housing platform


The missing wishlist manager for the App Store

JavaScript Rising Stars 2017

Find out the most popular JavaScript projects of the year

Resume Checklist

Actionable steps to get your resume in shape for 2018


Create a Spotify playlist of top songs on your birthday

Cover Clamp

Stop your partner from steeling the covers

Enso Uptime Monitoring

Set up free website uptime monitoring in seconds

SocialBook 2.0

Influencer search engine with advanced search and BoostCoin

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