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Agilean is essentially an AI-based automated work-flow project management solutions


Friday, July 7, 2017

Agilean is essentially an AI-based project management solutions that’s actively involved in project execution and product development for small and medium-sized IT enterprises (SMEs) effective in an array of execution and operations. Agilean tool is customizable and user-friendly, capable enough to set your automated Kanban work-flow process within minutes with its “50 Built-in templates” or create your own and many other features like Scrum, Impediments, standup meeting automation, release and retrospective analysis. Your projects are made exclusively transparent and in addition to this, Agilean also assures the radical improvement of your projects. Agilean Benefits: One Stop Solutions – From planning, execution, tracking , impediments, standup automation, release till retrospective analysis: all your team needs in one place. Transparency- Agilean promotes total transparency on all your projects. The software itself is very accurate in updating information. your team’s work-progress data is delivered through powerful visuals that are attractive and easy to understand. Efficiency & Agility:-Agilean makes you more efficient and agile with its workflow automation tool. It not only drives you to speed up but also encourages improvement on existing projects as per client or organization requirements. Crisp Feedback - The Feedback loop with Agilean is quick and short, allowing better collaboration & communication between you and your clients. This helps you to decide pivot or persevere strategy. Productivity: -With Agilean, improving your team’s overall efficiency becomes easier. Agilean lets you take a deep look at the actual productivity-time for cards without including wait-time and blocked-time and identifies how you can further enhance productivity and deliver better, high-value output. With Agilean Organizations can see immediate visible benefits include Flow efficiency, reduce cycle time , meet times to market opportunities, full transparency, short feedback loops, deliver high performance application make customer happy and increase revenue


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