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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Campfire for iOS: the only video chatting app that supports up to 4 people at the same time. Based on advanced engine and content delivery service of a popular app ALIVE.

Hello, We would like to ask you to review our Campfire video chatting app for iOS - it's the only app that allows to make video chat with 4 friends at once! We are creators of the successful video app ALIVE (it has got 9M downloads for iOS and Android), and we've used our high quality video compositing engine and cloud delivery service for realtime video chatting via Campfire. On the App store market, there are several similar apps such as Houseparty, Fam, Tribe and oovoo though we try to focus on hangout and live chilling with friends while video chatting. Apple’s iOS 11 platform enables Alivestudio’s technology to merge with the latest trends in communication. Integrating with voice, video, and 3D effects composited in real time, Campfire will give customers a stable solution for video chatting with family members and friends. By allowing video chatting in groups of up to four people simultaneously, Campfire appeals to Generation Z by supporting digital hangout sessions, their preferred method of communication. Campfire’s launch comes amid a sudden interest in group video chatting apps. The rise of apps such as Houseparty or Sarahah show a growing interest in alternative chatting applications, while rumors of big players like Facebook releasing their own stand-alone competitors to Campfire abound. Group video chatting is on the rise globally, but unlike random chatting apps, Campfire is built specifically for multi-person communication with people users are already close to. The app launched last Friday(9/1). Features: * advanced video and audio engine allows users to apply voice, video, and 3D effects composited in real time * you can add fun effects like emoji 😜👍 * animated effects are location-specific, so where one user places an animated explosion, all other users will see it * chat with up to 4 people * app is free App homepage (with video and screenshots): iTunes link: Now it is a baby-step though it will lead Social networking category on App Store. Campfire is currently only available for iOS, with an Android version currently in development. Thanks and Best Regards, Hun Kim


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