Monday, October 9, 2017

ggContent is the FameBit For Video Games

ggContent is an influencer marketing marketplace where video game makers and content creators meet to create amazing sponsored content. It's a self-service marketplace that makes it easier for video game makers to find the perfect content creators for their games and helps content creators better monetize their channels while finding games that their followers will love. ggContent features a real-time messaging system that elimanates email clutter and makes productivity go much easier. The platform also includes a secure credit-based escrow system that allows payments from all over the world. This also gives video game makers peace of mind knowing that content creators only get paid after the agreed upon content is created. The platform is currently accepting sign ups for the upcoming closed Alpha. During the closed Alpha phase, accepted users will be able to use ggContent completely free (minus payment processing fees) and will have access to a private Discord server, where they will have direct contact with the founder of the platform.


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