Thursday, February 9, 2017

Automate Stock Trading Without Code

Buy Google the next time the S&P is down 1%! Investfly is an automated trading platform that allows users to implement their strategies without any coding knowledge. There is a simple drag and drop user interface that allows individual investors to more intelligently trade their portfolio's The strategies they create can be anywhere from pair trades, to more complex technical analysis as well as portfolio strategies. Investfly gives people a way to act on the ideas they already have and backtest that idea. We have 5 years of backtest data available so that once an investor puts together an idea on the platform they can see how well it performed over the past 5 years. If they haven't put a strategy together yet, they can use our advanced stock screener to narrow down the type of stocks that they want to look at. Both technical and fundamental statistics are available to give users a broad spectrum of filters to use. If the right stock doesn't quite fit the criteria yet, and the investor doesn't want to start trading yet, there is an alert system that sends either an SMS or an email whenever that stock or set of stocks meet the criteria set. Every month we also host a free to enter stock competition. The winner of the competition takes home $100 and bragging rights over all of their friends. If public competition isn't quite your thing we also have the ability to set up individual private games for groups of friends. Investfly looks to bring more powerful trading tools to the average investor, without the need for them to learn to code.


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