Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jamzone is a iPad app to learn, play and jam with synchronised multitracks of famous songs

Jamzone is the song book reinvented, a one-stop solution to learn popular songs, practice your instrument, play along and backup your live performances. Learn: pick your favorite tune (recorded in studio with real performers), slow down the tricky parts, isolate each track, loop the parts you’re working on, and master this hard bit you were struggling with. Ready to move on? Play along with Jamzone. Mute the instrument you are playing, and let’s roll with big / bold chords scrolling in sync with the music. Take it to the next level! Use Jamzone on stage to back you up while you play your part: Jamzone won’t let you down, and fits easily in your backpack since it runs on… an iPad! Give it a shot!


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