Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Create an own Groups of your favourites bookmars and share them with your friends or colleagues.

Linqes was developed because our (as a small company) list of bookmarks to different services and inspiration started to be too big and confusing, especially hard to share with our colleagues or clients too. So having everything (mess from bookmarks bar) on one place and accessible to everyone who had certain permissions looks like good idea. We created online bookmarks groups and it was actually very helpful and we enjoyed how smooth it was. So we decided to redesign it, make it available to anyone, and create this online web-app for free! I hope you can find good reason to try it and let us know if its good even for you. We are still in faze of testing (beta), but we are ready to tweak many things as possible to make it better. You can find information on our landing page and try it by sign up through facebook or google account (for now). Thank you!


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