Nap Alarm


Monday, September 11, 2017

A beautiful alarm for

You are a sleepaholic and really feel bored when wake up. It is no more with NAP ALARM. Let’s start a day with big smile or play shaking game with your phone. Those are the fantastic ways to wake up and starting a day. Then, satisfying the meaningful cheer sentences at the end! No more chance for boring swipe to turn off your alarm clock with NAP ALARM! You are in library or public place but still want to take a nap, especially, don’t want to bother the others there. NAP ALARM is fantastic app for you! Wearing your headphone up and set ”your charged time”, so fall into the short useful sleep, and then wake up without ringing sound. Don’t worry about disturb the others anymore! How to express your style? It’s so easy for our users to choose many kinds of harmony colour setting in our NAP ALARM. The hot red for sexy person, cute pink to the lover, violet for romantic style,… NAP ALARM will provide you all the beautiful styles you need. Choosing your own favorite style!


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