Monday, February 12, 2018

Managing Your Confidential Relationships

On far too many occasions, before businesses can get down to business, they must first negotiate the terms of a non-disclosure agreement. Far too many hours are spent and far too many dollars are wasted on this necessary evil. Automate the process; use a standard form that's good enough for most purposes; the more people using the same form, the better! Allow access to your selected employees with a need to know, so they can look up NDA status for themselves. See the status in convenient tables without having to review the document terms again every time. Read it once; use it many times. - Easily create non-disclosure agreements using one simple form; - The NDAx dashboard lets you review the status and terms of your NDAs, and lets employees know immediately if conversations are covered. - Maintain and easily access a complete archive of your non-disclosure agreements and key dates.


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