Sunday, November 12, 2017

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PINC is a community where folks can have real and engaging conversations about what matters to them. Our community is free from all the distractions of other social networks and provides a richer experience. Easily discover and participate in conversations on a wide variety of topics from politics to entertainment to hair and beauty. We have a growing list of features that fosters community engagement like: - Yes, No, Neutral voting - Emoji Reaction with counters - Upvoting and downvoting - Bookmarking for later - Anonymous posting PINC features a chat-like interface with each question (conversation) having its own chatroom. This makes discussions on PINC to have a realtime feeling and gets more users talking. PINC also lets you follow people and groups to tailor your content better. Here's a list of some of the groups you'll find on PINC: - Racism & Equality - Women in Tech - Education - Politics - Blacks in Tech - Relationships - Hair and beauty - Diaspora Africans


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