Sunday, October 8, 2017

Grow Your Outbound Sales helps to increase prospects engagement. Sales managers will save up to 10 hours and more every week on communications and follow-ups. With Remail it’s easy to automate repeating emails in the sales cycle. What makes outstanding? Our key advantages are: fast in deployment – full set up in just 30 minutes, fully personal outreach (emails are coming straight to the Gmail Inbox, not the Promotions tab) and great statistics (now it’s easy to understand which follow-ups are working best). Remail sends emails directly from your mailbox. Most email providers will show you messages sent by Remail in your "Sent" box. Your emails will be sent right on the schedule and the good timing will increase your deliverability, visibility and in turn, your reply rates. Automatized Emailing Widen your coverage and outreach with automatic features for campaign effectiveness improvements. Contact Managing Managing and targeting of the prospective customers contacts are easy to handle with Remail tools. Team Interaction Monitor the team performance and share the valuable information with the members through Remail options. Statistics and Tracking Be in touch with the progress of your campaign with detailed info and statistics you are provided by Remail tools.


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