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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

An AI-backed content marketing platform to get better ROI

Social Frontier simplifies content marketing so that even novice content marketers can start in less than 10 minutes. With our platform, you can easily find business-relevant keywords, get content developed, match audience interests and start your campaigns across platforms from a single dashboard. Social Frontier’s self-learning algorithm will fine tune your campaigns to give maximum conversions (Traffic, App Installs, Leads, etc..) at lowest possible cost. Analyze Existing Content Our AI will analyze your existing content & pick articles that best perform for your marketing goals. Keyword/Interest Suggestions Get accurate recommendations keywords/ social media interests to develop your content. Experts to Create Content Use Social Frontier’s handpicked experts to develop content for your business Distribute Content Distribute content across multiple channels, perform A/B tests and easily find the right match that works. Auto Optimization Social Frontier’s self-learning algorithm will auto-optimize your campaigns for maximum utilization of budget based on traffic, leads or sales goals. Capture User Information Capture user information with custom opt-ins and run multiple opt-in tests. Create & Market Content with Precision Easily find social media “interests” of your potential audience and develop content on what they really care about. Distribute Content across Multiple Platforms, Simultaneously Social Frontier’s single dashboard allows marketers to test content across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Taboola, LinkedIn and find out where audience is engaging the most—without overspending! Optimize Content for Traffic, Leads or Sales Social Frontier’s self-learning algorithm optimizes your campaigns based on your objectives whether it is generating traffic, leads or sales. Set different campaigns for different goals from a single dashboard. WHY CONTENT MARKETING SOCIAL FRONTIER MEANS A WIN FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Online advertising is becoming expensive and highly competitive. With so many businesses after the same audience, how do you reach out to your customers without spending a fortune? One of the most cost-effective ways to acquire customers is through inbound marketing--specifically content marketing. There is so much content out there, so how do you start? This is where we help. Social Frontier simplifies content marketing so that even novice content marketers can start in less than 10 minutes.


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