Thursday, October 12, 2017

Store4 is a popular sales automation and sales team management solution.

Store4 is built to speed up and automate sales process. Do you need a help to track, manage and grow your business and your entire order / billing / shipping process to run smoothly? - Store4 is right app for your business. With Store4 track every phase of your business sales process, from your initial contact with a customer to the final invoice and billing. Manage everything from one place and from any device. Our app is backed up daily and our support is one click away. With our app, you will have more time, energy, and resources for what's really important: developing your own products and conquering the market. Some of our app features: Quotes and Invoices Users can create a variety of business documents, from quotes to invoices, and manage them all from one central location. All documents can be saved in PDF format for later use or emailed directly to clients. Storage Management / Inventory With Store4, you can keep a full and transparent record of all your business processes in your storage facilities. Product Management An unlimited number of products and services can be managed quickly and simply, all in one place. Client Management Store4 helps you handle client management every step of the way, from initial contract to sending invoices. Private Social Network Communicate with your co-workers via our messaging system or your personal wall. Store4 comes with five licenses included, it means that you can add additional four team members to your account. Updates and data backup are done automatically. However, if you'll need more features you can always purchase additional products for your app on our marketplace or check out for our enterprise solution.


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