Monday, April 17, 2017

StressCam for iOS: measure stress level (by putting finger on the camera) and even reduce stress level and be healthier by conducting special breathing exercises done under control of the app

Hello, We would like to ask you to check our StressCam app for iOS. It is an unique app that allows you to determine your stress level, and calculates your biological age - there are no apps on the App Store for this. In addition to that, the app improves your health or reduces your stress level by conducting special breathing exercises done under control of the app (using biofeedback approach, by measuring heart rate in response to breathing excersises it asks you to perform). The app also has virtual rewards and progress system to encourage user periodically taking these excercises under control of the app. User can share their achievments using Facebook and other social networks. StressCam was being developed by a group of PhDs specializing medical devices for several years. We had to develop new algorithms for this app and then evaluated them on hundreds of people of various ages and physical conditions, this evaluation took more than 6 monthes. The algorithms are based on a latest findings by famous cardiologist R. Bayevskiy. StressCam computes the following parameters once you put your finger on the camera of your device: ★ STRESS LEVEL ★ The app measures your stress during increased activity of the sympathetic component of the autonomic nervous system. The algorithm is based on geometrical methods for analyzing heart rate variability (HRV). We use a stress scale from 0 to 10. ★ BIOLOGICAL AGE ★ This parameter represents your health in terms of your respiratory and cardiovascular system. It is measured by analyzing the respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) of your heart rate. ★ PULSE (HEART RATE) ★ And, of course, the app will tell you your pulse (heart rate). Besides measuring the parameters listed above, Stress Cam allows to reduce level of stress and improve user's health using these approaches: ★ BIOFEEDBACK TECHNOLOGY ★ Biofeedback is based on the ability of the body to consciously affect the heart rate by adjusting the depth and frequency of breathing. During biofeedback training StressCam continuously measures the heart rate and displays the inhalation and exhalation cycles with a predetermined breathing frequency. Depth of breathing measured by the pulse is used as feedback. During biofeedback training it is necessary to keep depth of breathing between "good" and "excellent." ★ MOTIVATORS ★ StressCam users receive virtual rewards as motivation. They are awarded for overcoming the various measurement and training stages, and the intensity of the measurement of their effectiveness. ★ HEALTH TRENDS BY USING TAGS ★ An important feature of StressCam is the ability to view changes over time. For example, you can view to degree to which heart rate and stress levels have changed over a month in the tag Morning Measurement. Be sure to add a tag to the measurement results and a brief comment, as this will help you remember the context of the measurement. We recommend that you measure your stress level three times a day: in the morning when you wake up, in the afternoon before lunch, and in the evening. Daily measurements will allow you to observe the changes to your stress levels over the week and month. You can also measure stress levels during events that are very important to you. Here is info page: iTunes link: StressCam offers full functionality for the first 7 days. After that, it allows no more than two measurements per day. We will be glad to provide you several promocodes (for in-app purchases) for running contests on your site. Best Regards, Jane


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