Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lets bond over Music

Problem - When it comes to music, you must have faced the problem of ending up listening to same songs again and again, you have exhausted your current playlist and few of new songs ends up in your playlist. Solution- We made an Android Social Music Player App “Swinguff” where you can listen your songs, share songs with your friends, see what songs your friends have and download any song that you like. Get music recommendations from humans not from algorithms. Play store Link- http://goo.gl/9B8ZFA It blends your music with your social world. -You can play all of your local songs -Follow other users and see what songs they have. Like and comment on each song -Recommend songs to friends and chat over them -Song feed(Newsfeed for songs) to see all of music updates in one place -View songs you like on Youtube


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