Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Next Generation Paper Maps

truMaps is the next generation of paper maps, where it redefines the boundaries and capabilities of the conventional paper map and equips it with GIS (Geographical Information System) and MR (Mixed Reality) capabilities. From STEM (Science, Technology, English and Math) to Humanities courses, truMaps can be linked directly to educational learning outcomes of any specific subject or discipline such as Geography, Geology, History, Art or Music. truMaps can also be printed in curriculum textbooks or standalone paper maps to further enhance students’ crit. Students can: -Travel to distant world landmarks like the great pyramids of Egypt -Explore inaccessible locations such as outer space or inside the human body. -Simulate historical experiences relevant to course content such as witnessing a famous historical event -Supplement course curriculum to better help students understand concepts such as earthquakes or tectonic plates -Create and print your own custom truMaps and share your stories with your classmates and friends using the online map tool and your own panoramic photos and videos.


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