Monday, January 23, 2017

WizCard is the worlds first Networked Business Card

WizCard focuses on the “First Mile Networking” problem. “First Mile Networking” continues to be served by the 300 years old Business Card. WizCard aims to be the Instant Networking platform of the world. Over 10 Billion Business cards are printed annually in the US alone. Notwithstanding the obvious pain points of the Business Card, it persists as the only “Physical Networking” solution. WizCard aims to redefine the way the world perceives, uses and derives value from their Business Cards. It is a location based App, powered by a very sophisticated and intelligent backend, that allows uses to Discover, Exchange & Connect with other users Instantly. A WizCard is a rich media embedded, “Alive” digital persona. It allows users to literally "Announce" their digital persona at any location. It could represent a Person wishing to network; A Product wishing to reach out to interested adopters; A brick and mortar business wishing to also own and announce its virtual location. A WizCard can be easily exchanged – Between 2 people (1x1), between a group of people (NxN) or simply pinned at a location (1xN) and made proximally visible WizCards form a Network WizCard does everything a paper business card can and much more. Like the Wizard Newspapers of Harry Potter - Wizcards live, move, dance, speak and more importantly, talk to each other to stay connected. Presently available on Android Platforms, we are working to get the iOS out soon. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wizcard.wizcardapp Why we are different than the guzzillion other such apps that claim to be Business Card killers - WizCard is not a digitization centric solution - WizCard is not an email/sms type solution - WizCard is not an Address Book Manager - WizCard is not an NFC exchanger... WizCard is a holistic Instant Networking Platform. Through this, individuals, businesses, entities will be able to claim their Virtual Space and use it to announce themselves.


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