social network startups


Seeqor is a social healthcare platform that enables people suffering from chronic illnesses

Emojaic - Emoji Mosaic

Turn your photos into Emoji Mosaic, Share it anywhere

Deep Library

The best machine learning algorithms, datasets, and tools in one place

Runtopia Reach

A Smart Running Shoe That Coaches You


Lets bond over Music


Responsive Instagram Widgets on Your Website

Cloud Campaign

Intelligently recycle your top performing content on social media.

The A.I. that grows your professional network by making introductions over email

Across The Globe

Social Networking based on similar professional or personal interests


Community to solve business issues


Instagram of outfits


Record 60 seconds of audio and then layer with images and GIFs

HiFive Stories

Create a Video Stories Like Never Before

Draw to drive

Draw to Drive is a social network for car artist, designers and enthusiasts.


Voice based social networking app

First Fate Social App

First Fate Social App - Discover. Share. Compete.


The first modular social webApp based on sharing time contents.


Anonymously share and express yourself


Plan sharing made easy

Kompass: Social Event Sharing

Share, Discover, & Explore social events in your favorite cities!

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