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Turn your team's network into a team asset

Hype URLs

Top trending apps, websites & projects in real-time


Chat bot surveys on Facebook Messenger.


Pitch to over 3,800 journalists. In one go.

Int Data Labs, Inc.

Revenue Intelligence for Subscription Businesses

flux flow

UX-Driven Growth Marketing for Startups


Simple tools to bring AR into your business

Lean App Toolkit

Lean Apps Create Winning Startups


Co-create with a crowd


Feedback and Bug Reporting for Websites Made Easy

All-in-one investment management platform for founders and their investors

Mumbai Coworking

Affordable coworking spaces for startups, freelancers

Enchanted Media

Amazing motion graphics videos made easy


Meet PieShell: Kickstarter for Foodies

Giving Great

Bringing Employee Matching to Small Businesses

Cross Promo

Cross.Promo is the first cross promotion tool for online businesses


Pay-On-Performance PR for Startups

Financials OnTap

Virtual workforce platform for finance & accounting talent

Innovators in Residence

Join other previous startup founders to disrupt the cable/media industry.

Transparent Startups

Discover and get inspired by companies that are embracing transparency

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