Sunday, May 8, 2016

the complete events app

yada is the complete events app that offers both iPhone and Android users the opportunity to create event pages on a secure and unique platform, and connect with friends, guests and those around them. Users have the opportunity to contribute their photographs, videos and comments in real-time and combine it in the LiveView: a slideshow which can be projected onto screens around the venue to give guests a 360-degree perspective. yada can be used at any corporate or personal event to create an immersive, interactive and unique atmosphere. The app is free to download! We believe that yada stands out amongst its competitors as it is functionally richer and more affordable in price. Whilst many events apps are limited to one type of event, yada combines the best features of these apps and provides the flexibility to be used at any event. It also has a greater focus on attendee experience than our competitors, who are more focused on the benefits for events organisers.


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